• Books, audiobooks, videotapes, DVDs, periodicals.
  • Interlibrary Loan (ILL)--If there is a title you want that is not in our collection, we can borrow it from other member libraries.
  • Free internet access.
  • Computers for word processing.
  • Copies.
  • FAX.
  • Color photo copying.
  • Programs (story time, summer programs for children and young adults.

Library cards are a privilege and require the holder to abide by library rules and regulations. A library card holder is entitled to full library privileges.
  • To obtain a library card you will need to fill out an application stating CURRENT ADDRESS and CURRENT PHONE NUMBER.
  • Applicants under high school age are required to have a PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGNATURE on the application.
First Card and Holder--FREE
Lost Card--$1.00
Lost Holder--$ .85

Each computer user must have a current signed Internet Policy Agreement on file.
Children under the age of 14 MUST be accomapnied by a PARENT or RESPONSIBLE  ADULT.

The Duncan Public Library does not control and cannot monitor the information available and accessed via the Internet; therefore, the Duncan Public Library cannot be held responsible for its content. The Duncan Public Library cannot guarantee that the information on the internet is accurate.

The Duncan Public Library does not have a computer technician on site. Library staff may be able to offer brief suggestions and answer some questions. They cannot provide individual training. Staff may not always be available to assist you, and are not responsible for software and hardware problems encountered by patrons.



  • Use of the public computers is free of charge.  
  • Duncan area residents are required to have a current library card in good standing in order to use the computers. Nonresidents are not required to be cardholders. 
  • Cardholders owing any fees or overdue books may not be allowed access to computers. 

Hours & Time Limits

  • Recreational use of any Internet workstation is limited to 2 hours per day.
  • Computer use may be limited to 30 minutes, depending on demand.
  • All computers are to be shut down 10 minutes before the Library closes.

Access By Minors

  • Children under the age of 14 will not be allowed to access the Internet unless accompanied by a parent or responsible adult.
  • Minors may not use the Internet without a signature on file by parent or legal guardian.

Printing & Downloading

  • A printer is available for public use. The cost for printing is $ .10 per pageóblack and white only. You must pay for ALL pages printed. (Use the print preview feature and/or selection option to avoid printing what you do not want.) It is the responsibility of the patron to properly select pages to print. Please ask for assistance if needed.
  • Library users shall not attempt to upload, install, set-up, run, or execute any program or software not authorized by the Library on any of the Library's computer workstations.

Wireless Internet

  • Wireless internet is not available at the Duncan Public Library. Laptops are allowed, but will not have access to internet connectivity. 

User Responsibilities

  • The Duncan Public Library does not support access to newsgroups or chat rooms.
  • Library staff has the right to limit the number of people at a workstation.
  • Library computers shall not be used to participate in gambling activities.
  • Users are prohibited from accessing and displaying explicit sexual material pursuant to Arizona Statute (ARS 13-3506).
  • Deliberate misuse of the computer or its components will result in loss of computer privileges; repair costs will be the responsibility of the user.
  • Library computers are in public areas. If what you view causes discomfort to others, staff may intervene.
  • Computer users shall not use obscene, loud, or unacceptable language. Respect those around you. Remember, you are in the Library.
  • Computer users are not to bring food or drinks into the Library.

Non-compliance with the Duncan Public Library policy and guidelines for computer and/or Internet use may result in denial of access to Library computers.